A Late Night Heart Attack

Written by: Sami LaRose

A Late Night Heart Attack
By Sami LaRose
Forgive and forget or move on in regret.
Life is always changing, whether it be from the warm bliss summer days
To the brick cold winter nights, change is something that we cannot fight.
Although the past may hurt us sometimes, it has taught us well
To get back up every time we almost fell.
The old tears on your  face fade into distant memories, you no longer feel the wet tenderness on your cheeks.
Life is better than it once was before, you had lost a few battles but ultimately won the war
Sharp as nails, and tougher than knifes you had the will to survive.
You would not let the words of others let you falter, the bullies would not win.
You had the will to live.
All though some experiences had brought you close to death, you made sure you would not leave this world yet
With the love of friends and family, the strength in your heart grew on
All though you had almost forgotten all the words to your favorite song, your friend did not
And they looked at you, and sung it back.
With love in their hearts and a smile in on your face, they knew death was no longer your escape
The past had ended, but it was all right. Because now the sun was shining and glistening outside so bright.
And the clouds had gone from gray to blue, along with the memory of you.
And I finally, got to start over new.