Set You Free

Written by: Sami LaRose

Set You Free
By: Sami LaRose

When the sun rises amongst the clouds who is there to see it?

2:51am and I cannot believe it.

A glowing beam of yellow light emerges from the sky of clouds  so bright.

Is this a sign that all hope is not lost

For such a long time I'd thought I would  be better off in the dark

But as the clouds open up in a pathway of two

It makes me realize how much less I think of you.

The sun smiles brightly, and beats down on my arm.

It is almost as if she is signing me a little song 

"Be happy, be bright, be yellow, stay mellow" she says to me 

And she raises up higher to be amongst the trees

As I lay there under the old beautiful weeping willow 

It's nice to know that I am letting you go.

The sun shines so brightly and suddenly turns into snow, free falling at last no more disaster

Maybe it finally is my happily ever after