These Days

Written by: Guy Chaifetz

These days are a challenge, it's no wonder
With this whole world all asunder.
Twas better when I was younger
Unaware of war and plunder.

Or making money to survive each day
Never was this hard, I surely say
Lost it all in a very sad way
I'm obsolete, I no longer play.

I won't give up, I'm not a loser.
I drink too much, I am a boozer.
My thoughts keep coming, I'm not a snoozer.
Please don't judge me, be my accuser.

Am I the only one whose life has become
A daily grind, with fear and then some?
Why can't I find the faith to be at one
To believe life will change, once again be fun.

I need to work for life to have meaning.
To strengthen my resolve, to be redeeming.
Where is the job that I am needing?
Don't want to beg or needless pleading.

I open my heart, my mind, and soul
In the positive vein, I'll reach my goal
Like a crap game, I'm on a roll.
Got out of this rut, out of this hole.