Written by: Terry Ledwell

The only thing that's sleeps next to me,
Is a pillow now and occasionally,
My daughter who climbs up into bed,
Softly on my chest just to lay her head...
She's the warmest thing that I ever feel,
So enormous without the sex appeal, 
Just a 6 year old but she knows the needs,
Of her father that seems to slowly bleed...
She will tell me all of the sweetest things,
Giving so much love minus all the strings,
She appreciates all the things I do,
Which alleviates any pain from you..
Any moment you take advantage of ,
She will own it so I can feel what's love,
Never asking me what is in return,
It's the last thing that's ever her concern...
It's the smallest space when I'm in my bed,
So I pretend the pillow is her instead,
Taking up what room that is in my heart, 
While the others use it to keep apart...