Dare to Hope, Darlin'

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

It’s been almost a year since we fell from the star
that held your dream.
We cast aside all business sense with impunity 
It would seem.
We were given every chance to make it and stay afloat,
but really, I’m to blame.
I had dreams of my own and couldn’t even name them;
that’s a damned shame.

I could have made the right moves to save our little farm,
and well knew what was wise to do,
Look to the future, be economically wise, make certain moves,
But I didn’t follow through.

Really, I don’t know why; always searching for something else
while working so hard at denial,
Denial of what? Piecing it all together, figuring it out,
My life’s purpose was on trial.

You were very happy there on that star, doing what you love,
I know I could have kept us there.
But coulda, shoulda, woulda never is or will be a reality,
though guilt seems my constant fare.

But, you know, I did rather enjoy that hard working journey
though my business mistakes brought us here,
It was your star we fell from, my star was putting you there.
So we both lost but a new beginning is near...