The Human Condition

Written by: Erin S

I walk this world with the cover of a ghost
The one I asked to be my host

A link to a world I can not see
A way for you to be apart of me

With every free gift there is a condition
This messenger is sent to carry out your mission

Some days I wish to ignore and savor the temptations of life
But there you are to quench my thirst with a piercing knife

Some days I wish to rip it from my skin
Regretting the day I ever let you in

Some days I wish to revel in my desires
Willing to stand up and scream Hell to the fire

A voice creeps through the selfishness and greed
"Never will leave or abandon my child, for through me you will find all that you need"

I fall to the floor in sweet surrender
Thanking the Lord above for my Savior