Written by: amy epiphany tunks

  When i look at him, my heart beats strong and as thunderous as a POW wows drums. The flames of passions fire burns within my soul, my blood boils. He cools me with his touch, yet my skin melts under the finger prints of his flesh; anything of myself that I own suddenly, briefly becomes empty and numb.  His energy, his power swims through my rivers that were once my veins, to that one look I have succumbed.
   He unlocks the love in me, I love that his one smile takes my heart for free. He walks into my rooms, he unlocks my doors, unveiling my house; his lips are the keys. My heart, my home, my house once filled with cracks and chores, in walls where my secrets lie still, love kissed mysteries.
   His eyes creak in my bones like hardwood floors, every step wearing my polish thin. His one look makes any thoughts of anger, anguish, yearning and hurt abolish from within.  His images play in my pallette like children’s laughter that sings through the wind.
   His eyes, his lips, his presence, his touch, he is my work of art. His colors paint a masterpiece in every inch in every part. 
Vibrant my colors,
Within me,
That one look takes my heart for free.