In This World

Written by: Dee Hill

in a world full or misery..where is the a life of violence..where are the hugs..
 the love been gone with discrimination n agony..why you think resulting in violence aint even challenging..
 crack put into ghettos so black ppl can try it..n then they wonder why we always starting all these riots..
 but are we starting the riots or just fighting back?
 we go to jail for killing a white man but everything ok when its white against black..
 hmmm...they turn they heads when we actually do right
 call 911 when things go wrong but aint nobody in sight
 all trust is got to too many strikes of being wrong
 now you mad cuz we started doing yo job
 but life aint about the guns n the violence
 but a person who is knocked down has no choice but to triumph
 too many doors of opportunity..we just tryna get a step in
 in this hellish world, i want to see a mil b4 i see heaven #amen