Abortion doesn't make you 'un-pregnant' it makes the parent of a dead child

Written by: Crestfallen .

Abortion is not okay,
A life is not worth taking your responsibilities away.
That poor un-born child has done nothing wrong,
All they know is there's something painful on them, A needle, pointy and long.

There is this thing called 'adoption' you know,
you can just leave the infant there and go.
It's your fault if your not ready for a child,
you should have thought about that for a little while.
But you went ahead and did some things,
now you have responsibilities to obtain.

Being raped is A different story,
I still don't believe it's okay,
Just have the baby and give it away.
I know how hard that must be,
although this has never happened to me,
It is not that hard to see.
But you have to find the strength and do what is right,
because this little toddler is not ready to see the light.

Abortion doesn't make you 'un-pregnant' it makes you the parent of a dead child.
Don't forget that, because it is the truth,
You should think next time before you want to be a little to wild and end up with a child.