The Boy Who Ran

Written by: Robert Hanna

There is a story of a boy who 
became a man or at least some 
A boy who went through his life 
never got his emotions caught
So this boy  ran
Ran fast as he can
All the way until he became a 
Ran so  fast he name only 
lasted moments in the sand
From which he step
Taken  every stride like it was 
his last breath
Felt he be this way all the  way 
till his death
This man if many knew him a 
coward they would say
For he never had the courage 
to stay
Stay for no more than a 
moments  worth
For he felt his life was as 
valuable as his father did of his  
Ashamed that his name was 
Since when it's ever mentioned  
he hurts
So he runs deep in the jungles 
of his own mind
He runs as if  there is a 
happiest to find
He runs and runs till his feet 
soil in the  dirt
He runs because staying in one 
place only makes him hurt
This boy became a man in such 
an unfortunate way
For his kept on running till he 
was buried in his grave.