A Place on the Page

Written by: Mark Russell

The words in my head fight for a place on the paper,
Meanwhile thoughts drift away much like vapor.
I’m quite uncertain which way it shall go,
I simply plant seeds and allow them to grow.

The words swirl around like water down a drain,
Looking for the connection between my heart and brain.
There are always connections with what I think and feel,
 As connections are made my soul begins to heal.

I wonder what it would be like to have no voice,
Surrounded by silence without any choice.
I hear all these voices but which do I follow?
Some ease my mind while others hard to swallow.

I sit to record all the words in my head,
As they join together I find a common thread.
The connection I find between what I feel and think,
Roll on to the page becoming my ink.

I imagine a world where I’m truly free,
I can write about all I feel and see.
No walls to contain just go with the flow,
My words reflect how my world does go.