In The Arms We Should Have Always Been - sensual

Written by: Rascal Jones

-=·~•˜**˜•~·=- ~ some things are meant to be ~ -=·~•˜*˜•~·=- My Lovely, Graceful Dancer~ silky feet, so light, So softly flow into my dreams each night. ~•˜*˜•~ Gliding, oh-so smoothly across our loving, starlit floor, Like the ever-urgent, beating sea against my yearning shore. ~•˜*˜•~ Take my hand, Sweet Dearest and twirl my wonder wide, Then, swiftly guide me, Lover back again to you inside. ~•˜*˜•~ Matched in blissful harmony our bodies ethereally move, Flow me now..forevermore into your flowing groove. ~•˜*˜•~ As if these steps have always but to fulfill our life, to belong, All the years we danced alone we now very wrong. ~•˜*˜•~ Our frames into each other we do one we melt, You, the most glorious woman dream and life has ever felt. ~•˜*˜•~ I know your sweet thighs, now sliding softly against my own, Take me, My Heavenly Partner, to realms I've never known. ~•˜*˜•~ Nurturing breasts...your mound so softly 'pon me grind, To steal away my willing heart my hungry mind. ~•˜*˜•~ Oh, your luscious moves love's ne'er-ending routine, Never knew 'til You the glory of dancing with My Queen ~•˜*˜•~ Knowing alas, M'Love this can never be a sin, For, we're dancing together.... in the arms we should have always been. -=·~•˜*˜•~·=- ~˜*˜~ ~•~ * Rascal Jones © 2012