If These Walls Could Talk

Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

                                                      If these walls could talk
                                                  They would say “Take a look”
                                                            Hey young lady!
                                                   Why your room is so messy?

                                                      You’re always very busy
                                                        Doing your other duty
                                                   Well, I know the reason why
                                               You just control yourself not to cry

                                               The pain you’ve been experienced
                                                   To whom you love ever since
                                                         And to overcome it all
                                          You only faced me and your tears will fall

                                       How many times I’ve witnessed your attempt
                                            To take many sleeping pills just to end
                                             The sadness you feel it in your heart
                                              That you keep it from the very start

                                                        If these walls could talk
                                          They will say “can you forget everything?”
                                                     And try to fix all your things?
                                          Just like your life, it must be in order again

September 15, 2012