I Can Not Winn - win

Written by: verlecia fields

the mad doctored relationship of a child of trust 
is seen in the I's (eyes)  of a parental giver 
these words are spoken by the maternally dead 
and will haunt the crying caregiver till she is swollen and rotting  

come away with me sun 
for my eyes see needles 
with liquid fill carriages riding from 
the outside door ways 
and to be fill not inside of the room of  Patience (patients)
POISON! I am screaming 
he will not here me 
the mob of words are safe and soft  
he will not here (hear) me 
but he knows or cares not of the danger 
of many in white coats  
who dislike our being and see no souls in our skins 

i have lost and found my eyes
seeing  the nurse playing with the autoclave 
knowing she knows not of my medical training 
of Procurement of do's and don'ts   

and now, knows 
why the mad bird sings
she sings, for only, her own soul will here her crying 
in a Gothika state of mind... 

(Gothika (film quote) 
Chloe: You have no idea how it feels not to be trusted.
Miranda: You've got to trust me too, Chloe
Chloe: You can't trust someone who thinks you're crazy.