Perfect Picture

Written by: Robert Hanna

Let me tell you I got a picture a 
perfect picture indeed
This picture is perfect picture of 
With oceans blue and the trees 
so green
This perfect picture has a 
portrait for dreams
See what’s relevant it’s not just 
only of me
For this perfect picture is a 
perfect picture of we
With a symbol that combines 
are genes
Man…what a picture perfect 
I only wish I can relive this 
perfect picture I see
For this moment is all I dream
But even dreams fade away 
like…like our seed
So…I was only left with this 
perfect picture of we
Starring at it constantly 
everyday you see 
Just so I can relive every 
moment in me   
But then you thought …you 
thought you did a good deed
By taking away the perfect 
picture from me 
Ripping it up and tossing it in a 
Saying I need to look forward, 
but the past is where I be
So I kicked your ass out and 
took away the key
Because you took away my soul 
and left my heart to bleed
How dare you take away my 
For it’s the last happiness I see
Now with no wife or kid, all I 
have is me
Man…I sure do miss that 
picture for it was a perfect 
picture indeed.