Written by: Robert Hanna

Dusted pavements where I 
once walked and played
Are now chalked outlines of 
where I now lay
A place of happiness in my 
heart it stained
Until hurt reached in and 
bleached it away
Sun shine was never too far 
from me
But rain storms is now all I see
I once believed I had a heart 
and soul
Now after this life I have no 
idea where I'll go
For this hurt is buried deep 
inside my veins
Even after a injection of life I 
still feel the same
This pavement had many 
bumpy roads
But I have no idea how much 
longer I can carry this load
Now I stand toe to toe
With the man in the mirror all 
Trying to figure out where my 
happiness was before
Hurt whispered to me it's 
mysterious allure
And took me down a road of 
misery and despair
While sitting in a electric chair
Hurt is becoming to 
accustomed for me
Now it even haunts my dreams
Love and happiness was 
something I thought I knew
But all signs point to that not 
being true
Maybe it's good I don't have a 
So this hurt doesn't leak into 
I walked back to the pavement 
I once played
To shed a tear for being so 
Allowing a part of my life to be 
And even if I moved I'll still be 
the one to blame
For this hurt will remain the