The 4 Letter Word

Written by: Robert Hanna

Girl…I just wanted to say I I mean I lov...
Ok I apologize so let me start 
Girl your beauty fills my heart 
wit lo...whew…
What I'm trying to say is my 
feelings for you are more then 
a friend
So I just want to say I lo...ah…I 
Ok…I'm not gonna pretend
Because not saying the word 
lov…you know what I mean
Doesn't make me less of a man
Just I am not in any rush to put 
a ring on your hand
Just wanting to get to know the 
woman in front on me…so lets 
Me more time to know your 
beauty that’s expressed just 
not just from what’s outside but 
with in
I want to be with you but let’s 
have the word “like” be
Then later change that “I” to a 
“O” and the “K” to a “V”
Then let our worlds collide and 
let there be no me and you just 
So until then girl I lo...I lov ok 
let me try this again
In a way you more understand
That my feelings for you no 
other can contend
So even though I don’t say the 
words that you want to hear 
I rather wait until the feelings I 
have for you come out a 
natural way
So I use the words admire and 
And also you’re the most 
beautiful girl I ever met.