Till Death Do Us Part

Written by: Robert Hanna

You are my worst nightmare no 
fuck it you’re my best dream. 
You install that love in me when 
fear of seclusion crosses my 
eyes. I stay paralyzed, until 
you come back around. You 
bring purpose to a pound which 
increases the pace that puts a 
beat to my heart. To break you 
apart is to measure how much 
of you I can take. You see 
these feelings for you I cannot 
fake, nor perceive it to be 
falsified for you’re the best 
thing in sight. And like a fiend 
at night I crave for your every 
attention. You see my 
reflection…ghostly when you 
flee. Just bawling when you 
leave, scratching surfaces up 
and down my cell block wall. 
And until you call I will never 
be the same.  So tonight I take 
you in vein while singing sweet 
lullabies so you can stay. Take 
me away to elevations, because 
you see on the surface.  I 
speak verses to our everlasting 
passion. And in fashion I 
overindulge you every day. I 
gave it all away I mean 
anything that is classified as a 
noun. Your purpose was just to 
impound a love, but this love 
went to deep. Left me quivering 
in my sheets, until the 
moments of my life goes beep…