What would happen

Written by: Candy Kross

What would happen if we knew the world would end tommorrow?
 Would people laugh, cry, party,sigh or go crazy with sorrow?
I don't know what I'd do. I just hope my goals are completed!
 I hope I know my place on this earth was something that was needed!
Could you imagine the unorganized panic if people were to know-
 What would happen if we couldnt beat this one clever foe?
I know for sure if everyone died, I would'nt want to live.
 I need my family & friends and all the love they have to give!
So. I can now say that if the world should end tommorrow, i don;t want to know.
 For now, I'll live my life as long and as far as it can possibly go.

Iran Crisis
 Written on 12/19/1980