Dust in the Sunbeam

Written by: Landor Angulo

Dust in the Sunbeam

Dust floats in and out of time and
Cold terrors tremble within this warm beam
I’m tiring of this existence
Where love exists unbound
No longer too timid to tell of tailored hearts unwound

Within this path shallow words ring hollow
Within this tired tirade of passion I weep
Sticking to my guns of disbelief
I slide into
With your rose clenched I keep cool

Sunbeams take this precious tame time away and allow 
To trust in me your world of particles spinning to and fro
Living within this world of licking bare skin

Sunbeams I need dust to redeem that life which is not a lie
And confirm that taking hold of everything is all this world wills 

Whisper into my mind the torrid tackling of true trouble
I’m against the wall, jeans scraping 
I’m waiting for disaster, waiting for my time

I’m with you always and it is in the means and methods you find me
In the dust my love is not lost or low 
Yet, along living beams I travel 
And that is truth

Told you I was real, racy and riddled with wine lines
I’m the epitome of the street signals and cityscape 
Scattered in your dreams of pavement pounded and wrecked

Beams are my obsession and within this I live
You have to take with you, no
You have to leave me here