This was a close one

Written by: Candy Kross

I can't believe I was such a fool, I fell for those adorable eyes.
I can't believe theres someone else, i guess the caring i saw was just the start of your lies.

But you did'nt get me hooked, I did'nt waste to much of my time.
It all happened so fast, Thank God- I would of sdoon felt you were mine.

I'll admit it hurts alittle, I mean I thought it might might work.
But there can't be two of us, only one, and I'm not gonna be the jerk.

Maybe you did'nt intentionally lead me on, i don't know. You dont look like that kind of guy.
But yet I know for a fact that looks can decieve, i guess I just want someone by my side.

I'm very confused again, I mean, I feel really alone.
I know I have my friends but I want to hear I care in a promising tone.

Maybe it was'nt to soon, I do have feelings for you deep down inside.
I don't know what to do, I just hope they are easy to hide.

I want someone to care, not like a friend, something more.
I need someone who I can believe in, someone who makes me feel secure.

I want a relationship, no acting, we could of had it all. 
I want someone whose gonna love me forever, and be there should I ever fall.

I guess theres nothing I can do, At least I can say I tried.
I'd still like to know you're a friend standing by my side.

We still have eternity......

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