The Inevitable Noble

Written by: Joshua Gadzama

He is of the Muse who Impacts Regally
The Illuminating Effervescence
He the Noble, Premier and Forerunner
Instinctual Attitude, Skill and Knowledge
Superior to all but the Moulder of the Ethereal

Reality in Existentialism 
Yea, Springboard to all Enhanced Persons
The Grill and Mill for Presidents, 
Legislators, Justices and the piety
Professional Economists, Engineers
Wisdom of Kings, Queens and Militarists

Prima Facie Mirror to all and Sundry
The Cradle Patriot Denied Earthly Rewards
Bruntly Rejected, Feigned Recognition
Nebulous, Yet Thorough, Effective, Active (TEA)
Charitable, Humble, Effervescent, Resourceful