Listen To Uncle Jack

Written by: Jack Ellison

So all you kiddies, come gather round
Uncle Jack's got a story to tell
If you don't take heed of his sage advice
You'll end up not doing so well

Here's the deal, my good little buddies
Live like there's no tomorrow
No mamby-pamby sitting on the fence
Your time here is only borrowed

Grab the brass ring, hang on for dear life
You only get to go round one time
No second chance to make a first impression
Only you are in charge of the climb

The rewards are many for those who play
This challenging game of life
The payoff is years of good time fun
Without all that nasty old strife

Did you listen to what Uncle Jack had to say
He ain't just blowing it out his ears
Been around the block quite few times
And wishes you a life of good cheer

©Jack Ellison 2012