Written by: Candy Kross

As I lay here in my bed
pen in hand, thoughts in head

I remember those who have passed away
and i know ill see them again someday

Some ill meet, some i knew
Angels will guide me through,

Brightly lit, refreshing smells
will tell me i didnt go to hell

Huge castles and works of art
and heaven has its own Walmart.

No on is to fat or to thin
everyone love the skin their in

Cookies bake all day long
And a thought plays your favorite song.

Smoking is permitted, food can be junk
and 10 Corona's wont make you drunk

Angels fly by to lead the way
everyone is hard at play.

flags fly high in the air
heaven is beautiful, i have to stare.

glistening walls and floors of gold
each person has God's promise they will never grow old

happiness over flows and the hurt is gone
A fountain can make a brunette a blonde

There is no sickness, no need for pills
everything is all down hill

Smiles fill every face
no anger, shame, or disgrace

God is our father and he greets with love
making you see he has been waiting above

waiting just for me and all his sheep
His love is mine to forever keep

My dream of heaven is a happy one
Since im gods child, ill be there when my days are done