Written by: Aneesa Jacobs

There are moments in our lives when we don't realise 
How precious life Is.. 
Like people we meet 
Nevermind our needs 
The times we weep over loss and grief 
I believe the people we meet are those who make the biggest impact in our lives 
And as time goes by we wonder why 
Things turned out the way they did 
But then its too late for us to change it 
So be grateful for those who enter your life 
Cherish them with everything life changes in a blink 
Before we know it we've lost everything 
Like dust blowing in the wind 
So I want to say thanks for everything 
For the person you are that I've come to know 
Wherever I might go I want you to know 
Apart of you I'll always hold close... 
Even in absence one's love grow 
Though it won't show 
But the heart will know 
Those precious memories are treasures to hold ...