An Old Building by the Saint Johns

Written by: Landor Angulo


Prose and fingers lingering to the North arise!
On this day 25 degrees North of the Sun
Venus and the moon shall collide and dance

The St. Johns and a ripple to the retaining nipple
Abandoned worn jewel on a starved stepped slab
Timeless in presence, structured for intimacy
Star quenching its thirst through the glazing
Into the cool waters of saints it slips
And whispers follow

Hushing and treading - lets sneak in!
Breath of cool air under your skirt
As I lift you up and over 
You giggle as you enjoy the hurt
Shhh! Shhh!
We're in!

The smell of flowers pressed and our fortune's luck
Wood creaks underneath sandal-padded feet
Leading by hands clasped in anticipation
A flurry of thoughts of pouring waxy lust
On you this way and that

Silence but the breeze swaying the palm tree leaves
Reflections of the evening and 
Shadows drape worn stairs
Impenetrable fixtures of ornament and glass
Warm evening beams 
Teasing our skin
St. Anthony’s Temptation is luring us further in!