When Fate Decides

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

When fate decides to bring you love
Look to the sky and thank the stars above
Your love is an amazing gift that money can't buy
May your marriage always be like the fourth of July

Hold tightly to each other and never let go
Nourish your love and make it grow
Be spontaneous, be silly and laugh a lot
Let no one ever undo your love knot 

Never go to bed frustrated or upset
Communicate to ward off any threat
Storms will brew; the key is to ride them out
Patience and forgiveness is what love is about

Value your time together like it is gold
Happiness received will be twofold
Respect and be honest with one another
Give each other space; do not smother

Prioritize and keep each other at the top of your list
When apart tell the other how much they're missed
In no way should you take each other for granted
Always remember why you both became enchanted