You are not Found

Written by: mapaseka Prudence Tshuwa

Lost in the world of the dead
Carefully hiding yourself image
Masked face to hide scars
Self inflicting wounds to release pain
Are you done yet?

Hide, and hide, and hide your sorrow well
Dwell in your inclined premonitions
Don't move, you might be found
Gorge food to a point of disgust
Are you sad yet?

Mimic the moving shadows
Getting further to your dark side
Hovering whizzes of your breath
You are lost, you just found out
Are you getting the point?

Unknown world to your soul
This is another windows of the world
Losing balance with every step taken
Calling sounds not heard
Are you serious? You are lost!

Remembering the 24 hours acts
Smiles of poeple you've know
Sounds of crashes and screams
You see yourself lying there
Are you crying?

Behold the acts of losing your life
Bending backwards to please
Done,done you are gone
The light beams from the horizon
Damned are you.......? You might be found.