Nights are not beds but reds

Written by: S.Jagathsimhan Nair

Nights are not like beds anymore
They are  just wet sheets torn in the middle
Calling me and compromising my needs
An ever widening breach in the centre of my sanity
But nights have eyes , blind though
That stare blindly at my fears 
And  turn shy at my apprehensions
Letting me, though, to its secrets weeping blood
Calling out the vampire in my misery
But I would try a different tack
For my pains don’t need your bloodied care
Your blind fondlings  like the red
In this computer prank that I want to erase
But cant,  till its time comes
To live with the night is to live with this red prank
Which duly underlines my agony
In red again, in the red again 
In the accounts of my leaking  seeking  limbs.