Halley's Comet

Written by: chris kane jr.

What have you seen, moon’s sister?
With your deep and distant eyes.
And endless dominoes of experience
Having worn your cheeks
And gritted your teeth

Where did you come from?
Bruised inside and out
Still proud, still firm
In the face of a million eyes
You do not blink

Who knows your smile?
So bright, yet so sad
A golden river in a pale crystal,
Kissed by the fleeting cosmos,
Struck by musclebound meteors of time.

Why hide that face?
So often from adoration-
Perhaps out of shame, guilt, deprecation 
Undeserved- save for those special nights
When we see and feel some of who you are truly

When will we really know you?
Why you cry and infectiously laugh,
Your burns and yearns of desire;
Never in this lifetime, not we
Too far away to hold or touch you.