Jenny Free Verse

Written by: ken colonsay


Balaclava over my head,
I nipped into the John Hewitt 
and went nervously up to the bar. 
'Are you a poet?' a woman's voice inquired. 
I dreaded the question, so embarrassed. It was a key moment. 
'I'm ... I play with words on paper!' 
I fumbled in my pocket for a pen and notebook. 
'I'm having fun with the language!' 
I laughed - I felt a great weight 
lift from my shoulders 
as she slipped the balaclava
off my head and kissed me. 

'Can I buy you a drink?' the lady 
bought me a Pernod, and hey presto! 
we were off to the races, 
talking passionately 
About Heaney, Mahon and Longley. 

Jenny Free Verse 
gave me her number, 
promised to have a look at my notebook 
and give me some feedback. 

I waltzed down the street, 
got back to the house in ¾ time, 
got my Italian leather, hand-crafted, 
writing journal out from the tall boy 
and wrote, ‘I just met Jenny Free Verse!'