Written by: Lorraine Ferns

Teeth and nail snarl!

Dirty colours coat the walls from outside
And in, not needing a reaction of shock

But the awe; the awe

Stains, and each sordid muscle, spasms
and strains, to just reach

"Don’t disturb!" soaks the strip of cloth
And the sweat; the sweat screams out

DON’T judge! Who are you
with your mocking eyes

I have screamed to the gods
For, an uncanny forgiveness

And not hearing, have been maimed
Inside and out

My hands reaching, and crying to just touch
To just touch
For a moment! Only a delicate moment

Could I believe…
Just believe

There is something, beyond all this!

I have screamed! Demanded silently

Make me believe
Make me look up and believe

But the sun hid my shadows
Of deep darkness

And you, you call me wrong