I know my heart will heal

Written by: Crestfallen .

My heart fell out of my chest,
anger struck my soul,
not knowing at that moment,
my life would never be whole.

My heart, like shattered glass,
Lay in pieces on the floor,
never to be touched,
My blood turned cold in my veins,
Like A wet bicycle,
My bones turned to rust,

It pains my body,
To think that yours,
Will someday turn to dust,
Like you were nothing at all.
You think "there's still all the millions of us".

Well I know something,
that others don't see,
how unique you are to me.

My father, 
you are one of A kind,
our love fits together in A perfect bind.

I know my heart will heal,
with all the love I have,
I still feel like half of me is missing,
but that's okay for now,
The wait will be worth while,
because I know we will be together again,
Laughing and having fun,
walking side by side again,
Enjoying the heat of the morning sun.