A World Worth Living In

Written by: Crestfallen .

I know A place,
Where there is no fear,
Never sadness,
Only happy tears.

Things that were said,
could never be done,
Growing white wings,
Flying to the shimmering brightness of the morning sun.

Have always been of existence,
Some don't know,
Although the wise believe,
That there's A seat saved for you and me.

So we to, can live forever,
In A kingdom far, faraway,
Never seeking for the worse,
But always seeking for the better.

And just when you think your all alone,
you never truly are,
When you get your set of wings,
you'll realize you weren't close by far.

It truly is a world worth living in,
when you are forgiven for all your sins.
Not A world that runs on money,
But a world that runs on smiles,
caring about the happiness of others,
A time to reunite with missed fathers and mothers.
A place where love never dies,
For when love dies, so does the soul,
and when the soul dies,
life falls into A gaping black hole.
Not A road worth traveling,
So take the extra mile,
and live life to the fullest,
and make every moment worth while.