For you I'll stay

Written by: Crestfallen .

Wanting something to take the pain away,
Waiting for someone to find the right words to say,
I can think of so many things that could easily take it all away,
But i would prefer to stay on this planet another day.
Only for one special person, that I know is counting on me,
As much as i miss you, I will stay daddy. 

I know you are counting on me to stay strong,
But sometimes I look at everything wrong.
Feeling like no one cares, and I do nothing right,
I just want to fly up into that bright light.
I hear it's beautiful, I wish to see,
But i guess I shall wait, & let it be.

Because the decision is not mine to make,
But when I get home, oh how happy i'll be,
For no one to overpower or control me.
Please forgive me daddy for I know defeat wasn't how I was taught,
But sometimes it's hard to block out all of these negative thoughts.

So one day, I shall hear that laugh, and see that smile,
That I haven't seen in such A long while.
I won't forget so many things that you taught me,
Like that you will love the person that i want to be.
I hope you are proud, I try my best,
Thank you for watching over me daddy, I know I am truly blessed.