Written by: Annie Lander

When I think of war
I think of death

When I think of death i think of war
either here on the homeland
somewhere around the world
What are we fighting for?
Power to be in control
Nothing has gain from past wars
Only blood sheds on the battlefields
And cities destroyed
because of man greed
To gain the world
then loses one's soul
Wisdom is better than any
Silver or gold.

The strench of death devourer the air
Death is always violent
From the slaughter houses
To the battlefields
Does anybody really cares?

Mothers hearts are broken
Fathers activates hatred
Towards they countrymen
Young soldiers gunned down
 before the break of dawn

It's war on hate
How much more can we take
Knowing the facts about the war in Afghanistan
We the people have to take a stand
And announces to the man in charge
No more war, laid down your guns!
Let have peace in the Middle East,