Hit The Spot

Written by: Tanya Bunge

Let me make home good, let me make home nice,
let me make home easy, not just once or twice.
Let me make home groovy, let me make home style
You wanna hang out, just for a little while?
Get into my groove, get into my zone -
It`s more fun together than it is alone.
you wanna feel sexy? Hit the spot?
Are you coming with? ´Cause I´m coming hot...

Yeah Baby,

CHORUS:     Hit the spot, hit the spot now baby,
                    Not too cold, not too hot now baby,
                    Gotta move, gotta move now baby,
                    Find the groove, find the groove...

I wanna feel good, like I know I should
Maybe you can do it, I bet you could,
Come on Baby, do it, just make me feel,
Just for tonight, let´s pretend it´s real.
I need a man and Baby you are it.
We´d be good together, think we´d be a hit.
Come on Baby, swing, see me move my hips -
Come a little closer, let me kiss your lips...

Yeah Baby,


You can move it slow, you can move it fast,
You can move it to me, you can move it past.
I like what I see, inside your tight blue jeans,
I see the way you move, I know the pleasure it means.
Look me in the eye, Baby, see what I want,
You can move it behind, you can groove it in front.
Let me know if you like what you´re seeing in me,
´cause just for tonight, I can be your she...

Yeah Baby,