Written by: Trey Hillyer

So much pain and sorrow
I feel like there is no tomorrow
I'm falling, I'm fading, I am dying,
I will never quit trying for you
Only you
Make you happy
I'm playing a puppet
Hiding everything behind this smile
Sometimes I want to cut again
When I hurt you
I do not deserve you
I love you
I care
You are my world
My everything
No matter what
My heart will be forever yours
Everything I am is for you
Only you
I wish I was perfect for you
I'm not and I am sorry
I want to be so bad
As my tears fall
And my blood and soul leave me
They are yours
I am yours forever
I know you do not love or care
But I need you above all
I hurt when you are gone
I die more without you
I love you
And the day you are gone
Is the day I die...