-Shed A Tear Please America-

Written by: Christopher Stopford

        Hey!  you over there in Texas in good old America

        ask your peoples to shed a tear or two over there

        for the miseries of peoples here in Africa

        whose plights are self inflicted we confess and declare

        the peoples here are led by the nose by their leaders greed

        with no empathy or compassion for those they lead to their demise

        Africa's leaders are chosen from the hovels in desperate need

        for guidance to peace and prosperity and hope to realize

        for as long as Africa has leaders with no integrity

        leaders who know only to destroy and havoc to create

        with arrogance their peoples control to suit their vanity

        then rant and rave how the Colonials left them in a dire state

        their lies and deceit has stenched stale and foul from overuse

        and bigotted laws edicted for the mass to incite

        cry shame, shame on you Africa for the pain and abuse

        Africa's soil has turned red from the despots might

        for Africa can for its people a glorious paradise be

        if not for its thieving,lieing despicable tyrants spree

        able to attend the needs of the worlds many a nation

        and its own peoples lead out of poverty and starvation

        remember peoples of America, when your land was once like an Africa

        how nice it would be, if here in Africa, we could proudly say

        we live and prosper, free from greed and strife in a just Africa

        so please uncle Sam, ask your peoples to shed a tear or two for