A Touch of Brass

Written by: Stacy Stiles

I thought of you yesterday, just as I did today.
I relished in the romance, wondered why you couldn’t stay.
I reminisced our past love, as tears began to trickle way.
I wallowed in dark misery, at a tattered soul you did betray.

You always said you’d love me, protect and do what’s right.
You never promised to hurt me, nor disappear within the night.
You forever proclaimed your love, with warmth instead of plight.
You distanced yourself loudly, never willing to put up a fight.

We attacked each others charisma, our characters beaten down.
We sheltered ourselves in anger, where neither hope nor love is found.
We smiled upon the evil, upon the darkness and cynicism abound.
We soared through a life of bitterness, never once touching ground.