Dirty Girl

Written by: Stacy Stiles

Soiled are her thoughts, toiled within her mind –
a filthy fallen angel,  death and sweat combined.
What a dirty silly girl she is, and always will she be –
to break the rules, of domestic fools for all the world to see.

Seductive are her ways, she stays hidden within the crowd.
She holds her staff, while others laugh, cloaked in dirty shroud.
Chanting aloud, tall and proud, she charms all the men.
They bow on one knee, this dirty banshee for the once flirty has been.

Stained with disdain, she flaunts her filthy dirty ways,
she teases the insane, and pleases the mundane who betray,
lust will always win, she says with a grin, and goes on to the next,
who stands in line, for a fallen angel so fine,  whose soul will never rest.