Written by: olusegun Arowolo

If these walls could talk they would have said 'No!',
No!,to growth of green algae and mosses on their skin,
 perforated with holes which allow water to flow,
Their colors fading and their beauties cannot be seen,
Their very foundation shaken with great intense,
The land they defend is no longer fertile,
Ideas and sovereignty they protect have become past-tense,
All their works become insignificant and futile,
Clay,sand and loamy quarrel;to divide the land they seek,
while soil flora and fauna fight with a bad motive,
Animals collide with these walls making them weak,
Cyclone,storms and floods ram unto them like locomotive,
With all these commotions,they would have cried not talked,
These walls regret for being together,they could have walked.

*These walls--past Heroes and Nationalists that fought for the independence of my country.
Now there are internal wrangling or fighting,commotion,dissatisfaction,tribalism,religious bigotry,killings and terrorism.The unity of the country is shaking...
*clay,sand and loamy soils--three major tribes in my country.

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