Your Happiest Day

Written by: Jack Ellison

Okay little kiddies, gather around
Here's a game to chase away frowns
Tell us about your most happy day
Yes, dear Johnny! What do you say?

Well dear teacher, when I was just little
Said little Johnny who sat in the middle
My Dad bought me a baseball and bat
Nothing could ever be better than that!

Your turn Samantha, how about you?
I once spent a day at the city zoo!
And you in the back, my dear little Billy?
I once rode a horse named Silly Willy!

Tell us bout yours, my dearest sweet Sue?
I went on a train ride to Kalamazoo!
Then Peter Parker popped up and said
I played all day on a hill with my sled!

Okay one more, how bout you dear Clare?
This frail young girl got up from her chair
My happiest days are when we've got food
For my parents and my young brother Jude!

The teacher paused, she was taken aback
Said she was sorry for the knowledge she lacked
Others like Clare less fortunate than some
Never know when their next meal will come!

©Jack Ellison 2012