To the man I love

Written by: Cheryl Aldea

They say love is like a river 
will a cut a new path 
whenever it meets an obstacle
it keeps on flowing, like our hearts
that beats continuously
like my love for you that’s remain 
alive in my spirit
through the rains of our life
even in storm and thunder when it came,
I’ll give you the comfort 
in those times of trouble.

Our love is strong yet delicate
It can be broken
Sometimes we say love is everything
sometimes we don’t know
but my love I keep on holding on
I want to show you more
That my love is never being faded.

And yet it’s full of conflict
I’m still here to understand to be kind
To show you the beauty
and splendor
the beauty and sweetness
that my loving heart can bring it back.

By: Cheryl Aldea

Stand Contest By : Debbie Guzzi