Alzheimer Creed

Written by: Kelli Egloff-Metzgar

Don't you know
I want to go home
Not where I live now
But where I lived long ago
In the house, where as a child,
I had grown

Don't you see
I am no longer me?
Please look and see, there
is a small child
Here inside with me
Look closely into my eyes,
the innocence you will see
For it no longer subsides

Can you listen
To all my questions
And answer them with ease
I know I keep repeating them
But patient with me

There are things that make
me sad
You really hurt my feelings
When you scream and yell
When your words are harsh
When you look so mad
Please remember it is not my fault
That I no longer remember
normal, daily routines
Just take my hand and help me
Together, we will get it done
You and me

Can you understand
Part of me has gone
It is lost inside my mind
Hiding all my memories
Sometimes if you're lucky
You may catch a glimpse
if only for a moment
Please, just cherish it
I need you to understand
I have forgotten so much
I wish I could remember
Who you are and where you're from