The Chase

Written by: Rebecca Berezin

Sounds of laughter shake the trees
Sounds of screaming bring me to my knees
Living is so hard
But I really love this world
Nothing's gonna change me
I will sign myself and turn into a tree
Sounds of laughter
Dancing to nonexistent music
I will never regret leaving you even this, even after
I will live my life
I will cheat Her
I will avoid the old age and strife
It's hard to be someone in this time
What time is it?
And what are we upon?
In the company of the stars, my purple eyes almost look lit
The fires that She caused
To ensnare me
I escaped
Laughter shakes the trees
Screaming brings you to your knees
She is coming after me
But I will live and live, and I love life
And I learn from all this strife
And I love and despise humanity
And I will forever hold on to my sanity
Because She will never get to me