Shivery Is Not Dead

Written by: Patricia Lewis

Shivery is not dead!
My love I am happy to know 
that shivery is not dead for you 
and I.
In today’s society young 
mothers and fathers have a 
tendency to not teach their 
children shivery, leaving it to 
die out. But I write this poem in 
such few words knowing it will 
make an impact once it’s read 
to have individuals to discuss 
what shivery really is and how 
it’s connected to our savior.

When we go to the car and you 
open my door and then I open 
your door for you 
When I dish out the dinner and 
you feed me 
When I cook the dinner and 
you wash the dishes
When we sit down in a 
restaurant and when I get up, 
you stand 
When we take a walk and we 
hold each others hand
When I wash the clothes and 
you fold them 
When I want to sit down you 
pull out my chair
For only if we teach our 
children to understand that the 
spirit of savior resides within 
us. Therefore we should love 
each other and treat each other 
the same, as our lord and 
savior loves us! From what I 
read our savior is not bias. He 
rains on the just and the