Space explorers

Written by: Joseph May

 Lifting off from Earth with a blast
The first manned mission to Mars at last
Moving  past red dwarfs real fast
With neutron stars going past
Celestial  fireworks of a  supernova in full view
As through the Milky Way at warp speed we flew

Mars would become our space base
The dawn of a new  race to space
Earth would remain the galactic jewel
A hub  for supplies and to refuel

The journey to Mars  took almost a  (Earth)  year
Zooming by pulsars and asteroids to get there
With  many more worlds to explore
Going where no man had gone before

On a quest to find alien life forms
and unravel a mystery that has lasted for eons
Perhaps we'll find them right there   on Mars
Or somewhere among the myriad of stars

It was just like on Star Trek
Traveling  through this awesome universe
But captain Kirk was not on deck
And Scottie couldn't beam us up yet

By:Joseph May