Pernicious Goddess

Written by: Daniel Ashcraft

I remember the loathing looks you gave,
Lashing out like i misbehaved,
I can still taste your fist as i stood brave,
How could you be so malevolent, so depraved,
I did nothing but love you, as your hate you engraved,
All over my face, In one crashing wave,
You said you loved me, but your actions misgave,
I wanted to leave and tried to stay strong but caved,
I opened the door for your return, this unsightly road I alone paved,
Now i sit alone staring at you, hopelessly enslaved.

It only happened once, that fluttering,
I saw the eminence of your beauty, so enticing,
I read the words on your lips, as my own were quivering,
They touched, I froze, You moved forward embracing me,
I realize now that it was always you, to whom i was waiting,
We never exchanged words, and yet now its only your love i am attaining,
We sit and talk, everything you say, to me, is exhilarating,
I couldn't imagine life without you, what i feel is never fading,
You saw through my own lack of character, abating,
When it came to you, it was well worth waiting.