Paved With Gold

Written by: Owen Yeates

I’ve packed my bag I’m ready to leave
Want to go out see what I can achieve
Want to see if it’s true what I’ve been told
That London’s streets are paved with gold

They say I’m young and to head strong
Got to find a place where I belong
Let my words and feelings grow
End up maybe a west end show

Or the other way it could be 
Destitute and broke that could be me
If I don’t find the right place at the right time
Would going back home be a crime

Fortune favours those who are dare
Have I the nerve to show my flair
The time has come the train arrives
Will I falter or thrill lives

Only time will tell if I succeed
Yes only fame the goal indeed
If I fail then at least I’ll know
No golden streets no fame no show
A little sadness as I leave behind 
The dream that turned to be unkind
Yet still to harbour hopes of fame 
No matter where I’ll try the same